Who We Are

We are African American mothers, fathers, students, researchers, philanthropists, veterans and silent supporters working tirelessly to combat all forms of oppression, racism, degradation and the delegitimization of our collective image.


African Americans face many forms of mistreatment daily. This mistreatment happens in many areas of American society including education, entertainment, economics (business), labor, law, politics, religion and military service. As a targeted demographic we rarely find recourse in the justice system. Most organizations that exist today either lack the political will or ability to address these concerns. The time has come for us to create our own means to protect our collective person and image. This is the goal of the African American Active Defense League (A3DL).

Our purpose is “to actively defend the African American community against mistreatment”.  By working with  like-minded individuals and organizations we engage in effective, legal actions in defense of African American citizens. If you are interested in learning more about our mission and endeavors please subscribe below in order to stay informed on activities, investigations, events and areas of need. It is time for us to take responsibility for our own collective protection.

The A3DL is a privately funded organization


To Defend

Active defense of the image and dignity of our community.

To Advocate

 Research based advocacy for collective advancement

To Educate

Encouraging community involvement through active education and engagement.

To Empower

Promoting programs that strengthen our place in American society